Компанія Адлер Транс ніякого відношення до компанії Шевченко НЕ має

The Bus Schedule Ukraine - Germany

Компанія Адлер Транс ніякого відношення до компанії Шевченко НЕ має
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In order to avoid speculation, we ask to order tickets only on the official website of the Shevchenko company

Here you can order tickets from Kiev and Lviv to Germany by such popular bus routes, as: Kiev - Berlin; Kiev - Hamburg; Kiev - Dortmund; Kiev - Cologne; Kiev - Leipzig; Kiev - Dresden; Kiev - Dusseldorf; and Lviv - Lviv Berlin - Hamburg. Please note that the bus follows through a number of Ukrainian cities, in which you can take the bus (see Bus schedule in the table). On our website you can also find out the ticket price to Germany. Departure from ukrainian cities is carried out on weekdays and weekends, namely: Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Shevchenko transport company specialized in international bus transportation, it will take you comfortably from Ukraine to Germany on Setra and Neoplan buses. Our buses pass qualitative maintenance serviceare systematically and have many comfortable advantages.

Compared with other carriers, our company has always distinguished punctuality. We do our best to deliver passengers to their destinations on time. Stops are provided in the cities: Zhytomyr, Rivne, Lviv, Berlin, Schwerin, Hamburg, Bremen, Osnabrück, Münster and Dortmund. Book or buy a bus ticket to Germany online you always can on our site. You can also take the help of our managers by calling us.

Always on time and in comfort

departure time from cities

Departure City Place of boarding
06:30 Kiev Central Railway station
06:55 Kiev «Dachnaya» autostation
08:30 Zhytomyr Bus station
10:45 Rivne Bus station
14:00 Lviv Bus station
02:10 Cottbus Bus station
04:15 Berlin Bus station
06:10 Schwerin Specify the landing place
08:00 Hamburg Bus station
09:45 Bremen bus station
11:30 Osnabruck Bus station
12:40 Munster Bus station
13:45 Dortmund Bus station

* — Departure from Ukraine: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Departure City Place of boarding
07:15 Kiev Central Railway station
07:55 Kiev «Dachnaya» autostation
09:30 Zhytomyr Bus station
11:45 Rivne Bus station
14:30 Lviv Bus station
02:10 Dresden Bus station
03:45 Leipzig Bus station
05:15 Jena Bus station
07:15 Erfurt Bus station
09:30 Kassel Bus station
11:10 Paderborn Railway station
13:00 Dortmund Bus station
13:55 Bochum Railway station
14:55 Essen Railway station
15:45 Duisburg Railway station
16:45 Dusseldorf Railway station

* — Departure from Ukraine: Wednesday, Sunday

Departure City Place of boarding
07:00 Kiev Central Railway station
07:40 Kiev «Dachnaya» autostation
08:50 Zhytomyr Bus station
11:20 Rivne Bus station
14:30 Lviv Bus station
02:05 Dresden Bus station
03:40 Leipzig Bus station
05:10 Jena Bus station
06:15 Erfurt Bus station
09:15 Kassel Bus station
12:30 Frankfurt am Main Bus station
14:10 Koblenz Bus station
15:50 Trier Bus station

* — Departure from Ukraine: Wednesday

Dear passengers!

We offer trips from Ukraine every tuesday, wednesday and sunday and trips from Germany every tuesday, saturday and sunday :
  • Dortmund, Münster, Osnabrück, Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin, Cottbus, Lviv, Rivne, Zhytomyr, Kyiv.