Positions to be filled

on-line ticket booking
In order to avoid speculation, we ask to order tickets only on the official website of the Shevchenko company

The company needs employees

Manager with knowledge of German

Obligations: to maintain a database, to process information, to provide passengers with consulting services by phone

It is necessary:

  • to live in Kiev or in suburb area
  • to know German
  • to have PC skills
  • to be responsible, hard-working, sociable, diligent
  • to know how to communicate with people of different temper
  • to have both team skills and skills of individual work

Driver of a bus for international trips, aged up to 40

It is necessary:

  • to live in Kiev or in suburb area
  • to be responsible, to have driving license of D category
  • to have documents certifying professional life stages
  • to have work experience on the following buses: Neoplan, Setra, Mercedes, Van Hool
Dear passengers!
The trips will be made from Ukraine on 09.07., 15.07., 21.07. (to Koblenz) 22.07. and on 29.07.20. Entry is only permitted for travellers with German citizenship or long-term residence.
From Germany we leave on 12.07., 18.07., 25.07., and 01.08.20: Dortmund, Münster, Osnabrück, Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin, Cottbus. On 24.07.20: Koblenz, Frankfurt am Main, Kassel, Erfurt, Jena, Leipzig, Dresden and on 11.07.20: Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen, Bochum, Dortmund, Paderborn, Kassel, Erfuhrt, Jena, Leipzig, Dresden