Bus Zhytomyr - Cottbus

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Bus schedule in the direction of Zhytomyr - Cottbus for the next dates is presented below.

Bus services Ukraine to Germany are provided on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Passengers in Zhytomyr can get on the bus at the Zhytomyr Bus Station.

Location of the Zhytomyr Bus Station is: 93 Kyivska St., Zhytomyr, (1st or 2nd platform).
Bus arrives at the station at 09:00* local time.
Departure time - 09:30.

Arrival in Cottbus, Germany

Bus arrives at the Cottbus Bus Station located at 25 Marienstrasse.
Days of arrival: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.
Arrival time: 02:00 ** local time.
Departure time: 02:10.

Information on the stops, the coordinates is available on the map.

To reserve seats in the bus and buy tickets online, choose your trip Zhytomyr - Cottbus and click "Continue." To see the schedule for another date, enter it into the search box.

* Please note! Arrival and departure times can be changed. We ask you to clarify the time of your bus departure when buying tickets and planning trips.

** The times of bus arrival to Germany are approximate. Please make allowances for at least 2 hours additionally on passing of 4 customs points.

Zhytomyr - Cottbus 10 March, Wednesday
Zhytomyr 09:30 10 Mar, We
16 h. 30 min. en route
Cottbus 02:10 11 Mar, Th
1920 UAH
17 March, Wednesday
Zhytomyr 09:30 17 Mar, We
16 h. 30 min. en route
Cottbus 02:10 18 Mar, Th
1920 UAH
24 March, Wednesday
Zhytomyr 09:30 24 Mar, We
16 h. 30 min. en route
Cottbus 02:10 25 Mar, Th
1920 UAH
31 March, Wednesday
Zhytomyr 09:30 31 Mar, We
16 h. 30 min. en route
Cottbus 02:10 01 Apr, Th
1920 UAH
03 April, Saturday
Zhytomyr 09:30 03 Apr, Sa
16 h. 30 min. en route
Cottbus 02:10 04 Apr, Su
1920 UAH
07 April, Wednesday
Zhytomyr 09:30 07 Apr, We
16 h. 30 min. en route
Cottbus 02:10 08 Apr, Th
1920 UAH
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