Bus Rivne - Hamburg

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Buses Rivne - Hamburg depart every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can take the bus in Rivne at the Rivne bus station.

Bus station address is: 40 Kyivska St., Rivne.
Time of arrival at the bus station - 11:30 * local time.
Departure time - 11:45.

Arriving in Hamburg, Germany

Bus arrives at the Hamburg Central Railway station.
Days of arrival: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.
Arrival time: 07:30 ** local time.
Departure time: 08:00.

Have a look at the map to learn more about the stops and their GPS-coordinates.

To book bus tickets and the desired seats, select the trip Rivne - Hamburg convenient for you and click “Continue”. If you are looking for a bus trip to Germany on another day, please set the date in search window.

* Please note! Arrival and departure times can be changed. We ask you to clarify the time of your bus departure when buying tickets and planning trips.

** The times of bus arrival to Germany are approximate. Please make allowances for at least 2 hours additionally on passing of 4 customs points.

Rivne - Hamburg 03 February, Wednesday
Rivne 11:45 03 Feb, We
19 h. 45 min. en route
Hamburg 08:00 04 Feb, Th
2040 UAH
10 February, Wednesday
Rivne 11:45 10 Feb, We
19 h. 45 min. en route
Hamburg 08:00 11 Feb, Th
2040 UAH
17 February, Wednesday
Rivne 11:45 17 Feb, We
19 h. 45 min. en route
Hamburg 08:00 18 Feb, Th
2040 UAH
24 February, Wednesday
Rivne 11:45 24 Feb, We
19 h. 45 min. en route
Hamburg 08:00 25 Feb, Th
2040 UAH
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