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В автобусах есть Wi-Fi

Positions to be filled

The company needs employees.

1) Manager with knowledge of German

Obligations: to maintain a database, to process information, to provide passengers with consulting services by phone

It is necessary:

  • to live in Kiev or in suburb area
  • to know German
  • to have PC skills
  • to be responsible, hard-working, sociable, diligent
  • to know how to communicate with people of different temper
  • to have both team skills and skills of individual work

2) Driver of a bus for international trips, aged up to 40

It is necessary:

  • to live in Kiev or in suburb area
  • to be responsible, to have driving license of D category
  • to have documents certifying professional life stages
  • to have work experience on the following buses: Neoplan, Setra, Mercedes, Van Hool