Bus Paderborn - Kiev

Interstate buses Paderborn - Kyiv depart from Germany on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In Paderborn, passengers can get on the bus at the railway station.

Station location in Paderborn: intersection of Rosenstrasse and Bahnhofstrasse.
Bus arrival time: 09:25* local time.
Departure time: 09:30.

Bus arrival in Kyiv

Disembarkation of passengers in Kyiv is provided at two stations: at the Dachna Bus Station and at the Central Railway Station.

The Dachna Bus Station location: 142 Peremohy Ave., Kyiv.
The Central Railway Station location: 32 Symona Petlury St., Kyiv.

Days of arrival: Thursday, Sunday.
Time of arrival at the Dachna Bus Station: 15:25** local time.
Departure time: 15:30.
Time of arrival at the Central Railway Station: 16:00 **.

More information on departure and arrival points can be found on the map.

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* Please note! Arrival and departure times can be changed. We ask you to clarify the time of your bus departure when buying tickets and planning trips.

** The times of bus arrival to Ukraine are approximate. Please make allowances for at least 2 hours additionally on passing of 4 customs points.

Wednesday (26.02.2020)

Paderborn Bus Station at the Railway Station

Address: Crossroad of Rathenaustr-Bahnhofstr

Arrival time: 09:25 (local time)
Departure time: 09:30 (local time)

Bus station

GPS Lat: 51° 42' 47''N Lon: 8° 44' 26.3''E

Bus Station Dachnaya

Address: Kiev, Peremohy Ave 142

Arrival time: 15:25 (local time)
Departure time: 15:30 (local time)

Bus station

GPS Lat: 50° 27' 19.3''N Lon: 30° 21' 0.6''E

Kiev Railway Station

Address: Kiev, Symona Petlury St 32

Arrival time: 16:00 (local time)
Departure time: 16:00 (local time)

Bus station

GPS Lat: 50° 26' 33.9''N Lon: 30° 29' 35.3''E