Bus Duisburg - Kiev

Passenger transportation Duisburg - Kyiv is carried out from Duisburg on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In Duisburg, passengers can board the bus at the railway station.

Station address: 2 Harry-Epstein platz, Duisburg.
Bus arrives at the station - at 06:30 * local time.
Departs - at 06:35.

Arriving in Kyiv

Alighting of passengers in Kyiv is carried out at two bus stations:

  • at the Dachna Bus Station,
  • and at the Central Railway Station.

Location of the Dachna Bus Station: 142 Peremohy Ave., Kyiv.
Location of the Central Railway Station: 32 Symona Petlury St., Kyiv.

Days of arrival in Kyiv: Thursday, Sunday.
Time of arrival at the Dachna Bus Station: 15:25 ** local time.
Departure time: 15:30.
Arrival at the Central Railway Station - at 16:00 **.

More information on the stations of departure and arrival is available on the map.

You can buy bus tickets Duisburg - Kyiv using the booking system on our website. Choose your trip and then click 'Continue' to see the interactive seat map. To see the bus schedule and order tickets for another date or another direction, enter them in the search box.

* Please note! Arrival and departure times can be changed. We ask you to clarify the time of your bus departure when buying tickets and planning trips.

** The times of bus arrival to Ukraine are approximate. Please make allowances for at least 2 hours additionally on passing of 4 customs points.

Wednesday (22.01.2020)
Wednesday (29.01.2020)

Duisburg Bus Station at the Railway Station

Address: Harry-Epstein platz 2

Arrival time: 06:30 (local time)
Departure time: 06:35 (local time)

Bus station

GPS Lat: 51° 25' 52.4''N Lon: 6° 46' 29.9''E

Bus Station Dachnaya

Address: Kiev, Peremohy Ave 142

Arrival time: 15:25 (local time)
Departure time: 15:30 (local time)

Bus station

GPS Lat: 50° 27' 19.3''N Lon: 30° 21' 0.6''E

Kiev Railway Station

Address: Kiev, Symona Petlury St 32

Arrival time: 16:00 (local time)
Departure time: 16:00 (local time)

Bus station

GPS Lat: 50° 26' 33.9''N Lon: 30° 29' 35.3''E